Lenny on j720

I picked the sarge distrubution from http://badaboum.bidibom.free.fr/linux-jornada-fs and updated it first to etch, then to lenny.
I have a mirror of the lenny repository around, if you need it please drop a line.


You'll need at last a 1 GB CF Card.

Partition Table Layout:

Use e.g. fdisk and mkfs -T vfat/ext2 for this.

Copy the provided images on it (as root!). Beware that on hda1, you must have kernel, params.txt and jlinexec on the root-directory, and on hda2 bin, etc, usr etc. need to be on root. The files can be moved with e.g.

mv disk-7/* ./
Now you must copy the modules on /lib/modules, so you have a /lib/modules/2.6.xx directory with e.g. kernel and modules.dep in it. Then stick the cf-card in your j720 and start jlinexec. Booting lasts a while, can be that "module alias not found" does come a few times. If you want to use other kernels, no problem, but please make a update-modules the first time you run it and restart.

If yours jornada isn't a german one, you'll need to change the params.txt.

The inital password is root/root, there is also a normal user debian/debian.


What doesn't work:

Used parts from jlime





Can be calibrated with ts_calibrate.
The keycode 21 represents the frontal left sound volume button, and is used to emulate the right mouse button. The keycode 22 represents the right sound volume button, and is used to emulate the middle mouse button.
In /, there is tsnorm and tsxorg. Try them to calibrate as well. I use a soft empty pen for it.


the normal combos like strg-esc, alt-tab, alt-F4 etc. are working.


wlan is working (with wpa), yust edit /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant and run /etc/wpa_supplicant/wlan. Sometimes you must adapt the device name.
After connecting either with wlan or with lan you need to do a dhclient device-name to get an ip.
if the orinoco driver instead of the prim/hostap driver is used blacklist it to get wpa. (Update your prism-Card to the most current version!)
Sometimes it is better to plug in the card after logging in and removing the kernel modules after pulling it out again.
In general, wpa+prism seems to be a bit tricky and need a bit of time until it works fine.
Often wlan-devices have 2 names: ethx and wlanx_rename. Try both, excpecially if you get "Drop EAPOL in not 801x mode" messages

I needed to backlist the orinoco driver because of my prism2 card, if you have an orinoco please remove it from the backlist /etc/modutils/backlist.


If Function-keys aren't working, try ESC-1...0.


Using qemu for emulating a arm is quite easy, and its very useful for e.g. compiling.
Further notes can be found under http://www.jlime.com/forum/wiki.php?mode=search&t=Development_7xx_qemu_disk_en
. The userland can be used with qemu without any change (despite copying the modules into it)


If you want to help, please write a mail or amessage in the forum!








Last change: 2014-05-03